Building Your Community

According to Erica Mau at Vibe Creative Marketing, "If something inspires you, it will probably inspire others! Don’t be afraid to share quotes, art, stories or anything that inspires you, even if you did not create it. Just remember to attribute credit to the creators of the content and use your platform to lift a diverse array of creators."

As an established thought leader in your field, your listeners will be looking to you for all sorts of recommendations, both professional and personal. Connect with your audience further by sharing some of your other favorite things that may not be the main focus of your podcast. Chances are if your listeners like your podcast content, they'll be interested in other things that have inspired your work.

Plus, if your brand is broad, featuring your favorites is an excellent way to have sub-audiences you can target based on their various interests. For example, if your podcast is about dating, you can share more specific episodes of television that hit certain topics that affected you creatively, like LGBTQ stories specifically or a personal connection to a show about romance. Share on your socials and tag relevant brands and creators to have them repost or consider collaborating.

By sharing these types of recs, you foster a wider community of listeners who are engaging with you and each other on content that surrounds your podcast.