Celebrate Guests of the Podcast

The amazing thing about having guests on your podcast is that it diversifies your reach. Each guest has their own unique audience and interests that you can directly engage with on ZinBin.

If you run an interview-style podcast where you have guests join you during episodes, a great way to grow your audience is by leveraging the guest's established brand and audience. Chances are their fans and/or followers will be interested in your content as well.

Create a unique Bin for each guest you have on your podcast. One item in the bin can be their episode on your podcast and the other four items can be their own podcast or other podcasts they've been featured on. Share this bin on social media and let your guest's audience know they were a guest of the pod.

This bin is also a great way to engage your audience because if they enjoyed your conversation and want to hear more from your guest, they have access to additional content from them curated by you.

To make this celebratory bin, first start by adding your episode with the guest into a bin. If you need help with how to search for content to add to a bin, our tutorial "How to Make a Bin" provides a simple step-by-step overview. Next, find 3-4 additional pieces of content (like podcast episodes) where your guest has also been featured and add those episodes to the bin.

Bins can be discovered by ZinBin users in the app when they search for specific keywords like a person's name. You'll want your bin to show up if anyone searches for your guest so they're introduced to your content as well. When naming your bin the best thing you can do for discoverability is to include your guest's name in the title. Feel free to get creative with it and make sure to include a one sentence description of the bin.

Now that your bin is complete, you're ready to share it and get noticed. Click the arrow button to pull up several different ways to share — we are natively integrated with all the apps! Clicking "copy link" is the best way to get a link to your bin that can be shared to the social platforms you use most.

Take a screenshot of your bin or a screen recording to use for an Instagram story. Below are some examples of what your social post might look like. Be sure to tag your guest!