Collaborate & Align with Other Artists

When it comes to making music, you know better than anyone the value of collaboration — and it's no different here on ZinBin. By engaging with artists or producers you've collaborated with, artists with a similar feel, or even musicians who've inspired you, you'll begin to widen your exposure.

Create bins that feature some of your favorite work where you've collaborated or worked with other artists. Make sure to include a wide variety of people you've worked with, whether it be musicians, singers, or producers. Share across your socials and tag the artists to engage their audience. Soon enough, it will establish connection between their work and yours.

Next, utilize Bins to align with similar artists by combining your work and theirs. Create a bin with a one or two of your songs and fill the rest with work from artists you feel put out a similar sound. It's likely their listeners will be interested in your work, like when you discover someone new on Spotify radio.

Don't forget to showcase your inspiration too. Create a bin with songs by a certain artist who influenced your work. Maybe you've sampled or covered another artist's work. Make a Bin with that song and similar songs by the artist who inspired you.

These alignment Bins aren't only tied to sound. Maybe there's an artist in a different genre, but their audience resembles your existing audience. Attract them using a combined Bin of your music and theirs. As always, make sure to share everything to your social and tag the other artists to engage their audience and bring even more awareness to your work.