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Curate Themes and Top Lists

ZinBin is a reviewer's dream because it's the perfect place to showcase your mastery of film and TV. It's a space for you to curate titles within whatever theme or category you'd like. And, most importantly, Bins based on your highly-regarded opinion.

For example, make a Bin of 'John Hughes' Best Work.' Throw in Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller's Day off. Diversify your audience even further and throw in different aspects of his films, like including a 'John Hughes' Greatest Film Soundtrack' Bin and include "Don't You" by Simple Minds (just our personal recommendation, but you're the expert!).

These themes can get even more specific, like 'Films with Incredible Monologues,' or touch on a personal opinion, like 'Top Five Films to Watch While Eating.' The more variation of themes the better.

Make sure to share these Bins to your socials and tag everyone involved; actors, directors, producers, you name it! People who already like similar content will discover your expert taste and be more likely to follow you for reviews and recommendations.