Enhance Your Episodes

Podcasting is an amazing medium in the sense that listeners get to know your voice directly and in some ways, get to feel like they know you on a personal level. But sometimes it's hard to get all the information we want to get across when you only have sound — and painting a mental picture only goes so far. It's important to supplement your podcast episodes by sharing all different forms of content so you can solidify your brand across other mediums. And as an added bonus, it enhances the listener's experience while solidifying your role as a thought leader in your space.

Create a Bin that includes all the different content referenced in an episode so your audience knows where to find it. For example, if you host a pop culture podcasts that discusses episodes of reality television, you can add all the different episodes you referenced in a Bin. Maybe you mentioned a musician or song. Throw that content mentioned into a Bin with the episode they're featured on. And, of course, as an influencer, the best way to boost partnerships and get brands to notice you is through tagging them in your stories. Make sure to tag relevant individuals or brands.

If you're discussing a specific topic, you can include more supplemental content to help listener's learn more about it. For example, if you host a beauty podcast and have an episode about organic makeup products, create a Bin that includes that episode plus content you used in your research, like a documentary or other podcasts.