Film Makers

Enhance Your Reviews

Reviews are an amazing tool in that readers get to know your voice directly and in some ways, get to feel like they know you on a personal level. But sometimes it's hard to get all the information we want to get across when you only have so many words — and painting a mental picture only goes so far. It's important to supplement your reviews with other kinds of content to enhance the reader's experience, and luckily, Bins is perfect for just that.

Create a Bin that includes the specific genres or other content discussed in a review. Maybe you mentioned a different soundtrack, TV show, or movie. Throw that content mentioned into a Bin with the title being the piece of content you reviewed.

For example, 'Jurassic World Review Mentions,' can feature previous films in the franchise, or other directors who have made something similar. It's an easy way to reach new readers while enhancing your current readers' experience.

And as always, share on social media to spread the word and spark conversation. Make it even easier for you reader to refer back to your content in the future.