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Keep Your Audience Coming Back

When you have a reader hooked, they'll always be looking forward to your next hot take. Use ZinBin to keep your audience up to date on your latest  reviews. By fully adopting ZinBin as the number one place to share your recommendations, you can keep readers engaged on a regular basis.

A great way to do this is by creating a weekly Bin series. For example, create a weekly content roundup that features your five favorite pieces of content from that week. Make the title the same every week and include a volume number or date in the description to let users know when you curated the Bin. Over time, users will wait eagerly for your weekly recs. It's also an easy way to engage with new audiences who are binging the latest show or movie.

Announce your weekly series by posting on social and linking to the first Bin. Let your new fans roll in!