Podcast Promotion 101

There are a lot podcasts out there to choose from in any genre - ZinBin can help your podcast stand out by helping you showcase your niche through utilizing themed bins to highlight your unique brand.

What are some of the most discussed topics on your podcast? What are some broader topics you've discussed? Creating bins based on these themes can help broaden your audience by tapping into interests that aren't necessarily always the primary focus of your podcast episodes but are an integral part of communicating and deepening your brand’s identity. When a new person comes across your profile, they will get a snapshot of what your podcast and brand is about. And even better, spark a discussion online.

For example, maybe your podcast is about current professional baseball, but a few episodes have focused on the history of the game itself. Curate a 'Sports History' bin that features those episodes. Maybe you have a dating podcast, but spend a string of episodes discussing 'catfishing' specifically. Create a "Catfish Stories" bin with those episodes. Your existing audience benefits from being able to quickly find the category of existing content they want to listen to.

Once you've curated thematic bins with your podcast episodes, you can broaden your reach even further by making bins with other content related to these themes. This will help specify your podcast's brand. For example, if it's a baseball podcast, create a bin that features movies or TV that you feel are adjacent in topic and tone. Maybe a few episodes of The Bill Simmons Podcast or 30 for 30 episodes touch on the same themes. Throw those in your bin and tap into their wide audience.

Similarly, you can also create bins of content you are currently engaging with and enjoying to foster a deeper connection with your audience.

From there, it's all a matter of engagement. Post these various bins to your socials and discuss these topics to build your presence as a subject matter expert.

Here are the basic steps for creating a Bin of any kind: