Showcase Your Sound

As a musician, one of the toughest challenges in the industry is standing out amongst other artists, especially within your genre. Luckily, ZinBin can help broaden your audience. Creating bins based on themes can help diversify your listeners by tapping into various sounds, styles, and moods that your music touches upon.

For example, maybe your music falls into the "pop rock" genre, but various songs can be categorized as "slow," "upbeat," or even have a "disco-feel." Creating bins in relation to these various descriptors can help reach listeners who are looking for a specific vibe, but maybe aren't always the biggest fans of pop rock. Little do they know, they'd love your sound.

To curate these sound-focused bins, first start by adding a song into a bin. Let's say this is your "upbeat" bin. If you need help with how to search for content to add to a bin, our tutorial "How to Make a Bin" provides a simple step-by-step overview. Next, find 3-4 additional songs with a similar feel and add those into the same bin.

Bins can be discovered by ZinBin users in the app when they search for specific keywords like a genre. When naming your bin the best thing you can do for discoverability is to include words that will highlight what users can expect to find in your bin in the title. Feel free to get creative with it and make sure to include a one sentence description of the bin.

Now that your bin is complete, you're ready to share it and get noticed. Click the arrow button to pull up several different ways to share — we are natively integrated with all the apps! Clicking "copy link" is the best way to get a link to your bin that can be shared to the social platforms you use most.

Take a screenshot of your bin or a screen recording to use for an Instagram story. Below are some examples of what your social post might look like.

Here are the basic steps for creating a Bin of any kind: