Start a Conversation

The great thing about Bins is their ability to spark a lively conversation. Now that you've created a diverse number of Bins that will reach all different kinds of listeners, it's time to engage directly with your audience.

According to Forbes, "Social media content needs to be both entertaining and educational for your target audience. The form of 'edutainment' you deploy depends on who you are communicating with, as it needs to be authentic and show them something that they can engage with or get curious about. Once you can start a conversation through questions and comments, you will be a step closer to opening the door to a prospect."

Utilize your Bin to spark this kind of connection with your audience.  Post your Bin on socials and ask a question to get started. Which episode in this Bin is your favorite? What's your favorite podcast in this Bin? What topics do you hope we cover on future episodes? You can have a questions be the description of your bin, or you can comment the question right after your bin is posted.

Even better, Bins are a great way to get into discussions on niche topics. For example, if you host the dating podcast with episodes about catfishing, ask your followers to share their own catfish stories when you post the Bin. By directly engaging with your audience, you foster a sense of community and break down the wall between being a personality versus someone they know and are familiar with on a deeper level. It's pivotal to be more than a brand, you're a person they know and enjoy talking to.