Where Else Have They Heard You?

It's all about making your song an earworm, right? ZinBin is the perfect place to remind your listeners of all the different ways they can, or may have already heard your unique sound.

Has one of your songs been featured on a TV show, movie, or podcast? Maybe another artist has sampled your music in one of their songs or created a remix using it. Let's make a Bin that features your song and other places it has been featured to reach new listeners.

For example, let's say your song is featured in a movie. Make a Bin that features the song, plus the movie and content related to it, like podcasts or reviews. Take it a step further, share it on social media and tag people and brands involved — actors, directors, producers, etc.

Make sure to include the name of the other content in the title of the Bin so users can discover your music if they happen to search for that show/movie, etc. You're increasing the likelihood of someone new discovering your music by associating with other kinds of content. It's a guaranteed association.

Make sure to share this Bin on your socials so the fanbase of those other pieces of content can discover or rediscover your music.