Putting Content Discovery Back in Your Hands

The best recommendations for movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts come from creators, friends and your community. Directly connect with them to see their recommendations, find where to watch/listen, share your favorites back, and/or save it for later!

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What is a Bin?

Bins are like personalized playlists of content you curate. They can contain a mix movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts. They have a limit of 5 items to prevent content overload, but you can post an infinite number of Binz.

Why ZinBin?

Find where everything is streaming

It’s Friday movie night and you really want to watch Harry Potter, but don’t know where it’s playing. We’ll find the right streaming service and get you watching with one-click.

Recommendations on what to watch/listen to from the people you trust

Binz show you what your friends have been watching and listening to. Five items per bin means you won’t get lost in a rabbit hole trying to decide.

Discover ALL the content and become a true superfan

Search across all video and audio streaming platforms for the full package of content, including hidden and behind-the-scenes material, from your favorite movies and shows.

Share Binz and content with anyone, even if they don't have an account

Share your favorite and most recommended content across all your chat and social platforms. You can share with anyone, even if they don't have ZinBin.

One watchlist for all your movies, shows, music, and podcasts

Stop losing the “movies to watch” list in your phone or forgetting the name of that podcast your friend recommended. Save everything you want to watch and listen to in one place.

Search from over 100 million titles across 200+ streaming platforms at once

You name it, we've got it. There are over 100 million movies, shows, songs, and podcasts on ZinBin.

Reviews from the App Store

Well done and I'll be using instantly

Vert well done interfcae, and I was delighted when I picked a show and it told me which service it was playing on, trailers, actiors, all integrated...it's going to be a go-to when I want new content and don't want to spend forever browsing Netflix!


No more wondering what to watch

This app is literally going to prevent breakups as couples no longer need to bicker about what to watch or listen to. Finally a plcae to store all the shows and movies (and more) that i want to watch and lern avout new stuff that I must see. Try it - my fav part is being able too share conent with friends with one tap.


FINALLY! ONe Stop Shop for Entertainment

With media playing such a pivotal role in our lives, I love that I can see my friends and colleagues have been watching and listening to, and how the bins are a creative way to discover new movies, shows, podcasts and music that you may not have known about before.


Finally, the app we all need!

I've been waiting for an application like this to come along for some time now, and it does not dissapoint! Finally a place one can go to engage with friends, family and stragners anout hte content we are all consuming. Cant wait for this to take off

its not right!

Dec 27

Finally can stop having the "what do you want to watch tonight" convo

Many times our friends recommend tv shows/movies but we often forget the names of them. Having them in one app is super convenient! No more "what do you want to watch tonight" convos!



Finally an app that helps guide me through the massive amount of content overload that exists in tofay's world. I can follow people whose taste I trust and warc hwaht they're wathcing and listen to what they're listing to instead of going onto Netflux and not have a clue where to start. Bravo!


Jan 12

Super Functional

With media playing such a pivotal role in our lives, I love that I can see my friends and colleagues have been watching and listening to, and how the bins are a creative way to discover new movies, shows, podcasts and music that you may not have known about before.



My friends and I have so much fun sharing recs on ZinBin. And I've been stuck using my notes app to save movies and podcasts. And I've even tried LIkewise too. Nothing is as useful, cool, and intuitive as this!! You won't regret it!


Clean and simple

I've tried a lot of recommendation apps over the years (Spoke, Likewise, etc.) and ZinBin really nails it. It's a clean interface that's easily shareable and doesn't require friends to have accounts to see your recommendations. Bins of five are simple and prevent you from falling into rabbit holds creating long lists. The best recommnedations are always from friends and ZinBin makes that way easier.


This is like the IG for your favorite entertainment

Great wat to find/share TV shows movies music etc. Also let's you know what platforms you can actrually watch the content. It's like the IG of your favorite entertainment content. Pretty rad for discovering new stuff.